Expensive Neat Device: Motion Simulator Dev Kit

Simcraft is a Marietta, GA based company specialised in motion simulators for racing games. ‘Like many others’ i hear you think… but this is where Simcraft breaks the rule with their unique approach and they describe it like this: “.. an idea …  for a balanced mass architecture to reduce the need for expensive high force actuation. This one idea created the concept for a new, more effective, more organic, and more affordable way to simulate vehicle dynamics…. SimCraft’s core motion technology is now the most affordable option for anyone seeking a military grade, full motion experience for flight and racing simulation. Analogous to buying the motor and building your own car, STAR is the SimCraft engine that drives the most realistic ZERO latency motion simulations. ”

You can get an idea in the video below; the interesting part for flight simmers is that Simcraft has now deployed a 2DOF (Two Degrees of Freedom) Flight Sim Development Kit that you can get to build in your living room (yes, tell the wife and blame it on me…). And simMarket is in place to deal with your payment technicalities from this side of the ocean on this page.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 14:16

Thanks for your comments gents. To clarify a couple of things: 1. The video is showing the APEX sc830 which is SimCraft’s top of the line system featuring a chromoly steel welded chassis. This article features STAR – which is a motion simulation development kit – the hardware and software of the motion control system contained within this APEX sc830. While the APEX is $25,000+ USD, the STAR product starts @ $2,995 USD 2. As our friendly admin pointed out, an enclosure can be built for this system or you can simply turn off the lights. Having spent hundreds of… Read more »

Gordon F
Monday, June 8, 2009 01:35

It’s nice. Except that it doesn’t bank properly. In a car, if you’re making a left turn, the G-pull will be to the right (since you’re turning left, thus centrifugal force will force you to the opposite direction). Here the simulator banks with the turn. Though I’m sure if properly set, it could yield good results. Not a cheap piece of machinery, certainly not for the average consumer.

Ian P
Thursday, June 4, 2009 18:58

There have been a number of platforms which provide motion based on physical or electronic entries to simulations, none of which have had complete environmental separation. They’ve never sold well, primarily due to cost, but they have sold steadily.

I’ve never felt the need to try (or buy!) one personally, but they’ve been around for a while and are far from unsuccessful.

Thursday, June 4, 2009 18:46

ahum…. turn off the lights in the room where you install it.. or build a cardboard enclosure around it. if you do it right you can loose all visual reference as is the case with any cockpit simulator, my 2c.

Colin Ware
Thursday, June 4, 2009 16:33

Motion simulators don’t work unless you take away all visual reference to the world outside the simulator. Only then is what is on the screen processed by the brain as “real”….

Don’t waste your money.