Boston Logan From BluePrint

Boston_KBOS00XBluePrint’s rendition of KBOS is according to their product page “…… by far the most accurate and detailed ever produced for the Microsoft flight simulator. As usual, special attention was paid to the terminal complex. Our scenery includes all four terminals, the control tower, the parking structures and all major general aviation facilities. A few landmarks in the airport’s immediate vicinity were also included for the sake of increasing realism during air and taxi operations. As usual, high-resolution textures were used in all major buildings including transparency and reflection effects in the FSX version….”. BluePrint has two versions available on simMarket, Boston for FSX and Boston for FS2004.

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  1. Why would ANYBODY buy this? George Grimshaw’s free Boston is a million times better. Groups like blueprint should stop charging for their stuff…

  2. I would like to see Blueprint focus on some airports that other developers have not covered. Perhaps some of the regionals in the US, or those in Europe or other countries. I was glad to see that Blueprint has Vancouver as one that they are going to release in the future. There are others that could be developed, such as Jacksonville Florida, Birmingham AL, or even Mid-Contenant at Wichita, KS, just to name a few.

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