USS Nimitz Released

Nimitz-PORTJavier from Spain has released his (many versions of) USS Nimitz for FSX. He writes that “…. I´ve included some new features and details since last beta. There are so many configurations that you can virtually simulate a six month deployment…”. The Nimitz will be available from the usual download sites soon, but for now you can get it here already.


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  1. Absolutelty astonishing work!!!!!! Freeware you have got be kidding me. Sombody needs to hire this guy! LOL!

    Thanks for the heads up Francois. I’ve been hitting the deck (literally) all day.


  2. This thing is absolutely superb. Easily payware quality and the frame rate hit for such an apparently complex model is tiny. Obviously, it’s best with Acceleration, but if you can make it work with one of the freeware carrier ops applications then you can’t go wrong getting this.

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