Day: June 15, 2009

PIS releases Extreme Bush Trekker

Yep…. look and start dreaming… blue cristalline water…. calm waves…. an island… many smallish airstrips… Released today from Pacific Island Simulation, simMarket presents: Extreme Bush

Twisted Velocity By Jaggyroad Films

Twisted Velocity has been released by Jaggyroad Films. “…..  The film has been in production for several weeks now and features a new style called

Beaver Crash On Video!

The pilot of this Beaver, trying to take off from Lake Spenard, Anchorage, Alaska, shows us that sailing a boat and flying a plane are

Helicopter Principles Of Flight

Browsing the internet searching for something, I happened upon a site in Thailand that explains the workings of helicopter flight. Since there are new people

Virginia Beach Airport And Museum

‘EdGeneer Cox’ has released a very nice little FS2004 freeware scenery, depicting the Virgnia Beach Airport and Museum. “…… This facility is a private airport

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