Twisted Velocity By Jaggyroad Films

Twisted Velocity has been released by Jaggyroad Films. “…..  The film has been in production for several weeks now and features a new style called “glitching.” Many popular add-ons are included in the video and the team has taken great care to ensure a very entertaining experience free of charge. You can see more Jaggyroad Films videos here….”.

[update: oops…. we displayed the wrong video, thanks Cody (see comments), now the one we displayed is also great so i left for you to see after the jump… but it’s free promotion for our friends from Iris! :-)]

Nice one too….

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  1. The fault was pretty much mine actually. It started because I didn’t have an actual YouTube link when I went to bed last night. The issue arised when I uploaded the video multiple times but the audio codec was failing and the sound corrupt. I had to upload a 500MB file to get it to play properly on YouTube. It appeared I sent out the PR too early.

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