PIS releases Extreme Bush Trekker


Yep…. look and start dreaming… blue cristalline water…. calm waves…. an island… many smallish airstrips…

Released today from Pacific Island Simulation, simMarket presents: Extreme Bush Trekker specially for the bush pilots in the comunity and those that would like to become such… now is the time:

“Generally, like its predecessor Raw Grit: PNG Bushpilot, Extreme Bush Trekker is every bushpilots’ playground. The only fundamental difference is that the developers concentrated mainly on creating high altitude airstrips ranging from 2,741ft to 11,515ft. Out of the total sixteen bush flying scenes there are only four which are either at or near sea-level, i.e., Madang (AYMD, Saidor (SDR), Long Island (LIS) and Kranket Islands (KKT). And, except for Madang (AYMD), Saidor (SDR) and Tauta (TAU) all thirteen airstrips are one-way takeoff and landing only.”

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  1. I wonder what happened to their promise to offer this cheaper to those who bought it from Simmarket for the higher price in the first days…

  2. Oh, I intended no offense. That was a honest question, not knowing about your announcement on the forums. Anyhow, I mailed you now, and thanks for that offer.

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