Beaver Crash On Video!

The pilot of this Beaver, trying to take off from Lake Spenard, Anchorage, Alaska, shows us that sailing a boat and flying a plane are two distinctly different things. Things go incredibly wrong for the poor guy….. AND the poor Beaver ! Nobody got hurt in the accident, although the camera man had a somewhat late reaction. The NTSB is investigating the incident.

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  1. Can’t believe you found the vid… its one of my friends who took it. Called me and was like, “hey you know what, I got almost run over by a Beaver” and I’m thinking huuh the animal? Said though everyone was fine, pilots 2 babies and I think 2 dog.

    Best regards

  2. You know, checking that video a few times, I noticed a few things:
    1) The water rudder is down the whole time.
    2) He never seemed to get on the step.
    3) It looked like he yanked at last second
    4) Check the windsock on takeoff. His report that there was a wind gust doesn’t quite seem right. While there is some wind, that wind sock is holding pretty steady.

  3. It was the float dragging that I first noticed – he’s nowhere near the step and trying to hold it back further all the way. As you say, Cody, he just snatches the yoke back as he runs out of lake and, presumably, pulls straight into a stall.

    Unfortunately, I could see an accident coming from the moment he turned to face the camera. Very glad everyone got out, though.

  4. Yes, after seeing that, I’m amazed everyone walked away unscathed. I hear there were dogs in that plane. I’m sure they got a good toss. I’m sure the owner of the house that it landed on got a nice surprise!

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