Minneapolis Photoscenery From Newport

minneapolis2009-6-14_22-56-5-296Yet another Newport title has appeared on the shop shelves.  “…..Photo real Minneapolis-St Paul is a ground texture replacement package that adds a whole new level of realism to FSX by displaying photo real satellite images of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. This package covers the entire city and a large suburban area of both Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Whether you enjoy low altitude VFR flights, or high altitude IFR flights, this scenery is sure to add a whole new dimension to FSX.

* Over 1,000 square miles of high resolution coverage
* Day, Night, Dusk, and Dawn satellite images
* A water mask that displays photo real water (actual FSX water, not just a flat surface picture of water)
* Autogen-free satellite textures to ensure no impact on frame rates…..”.

Available from the on-line shop here!

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