MS Rumor Mill Turning Again

ms_masthead_ltrA number of people throughout the ‘games’ population have received a survey from Microsoft Games Studios, asking ‘waht would you like to see in a flight simulator GAME’ (capitals by the editor.). The questions asked there seem to hint into the (expected) direction of a game, indeed, and most likely aimed to run on the new Windows Live platform. For some reason *cough* the FS press has not received it (yet), nor do we have any reports yet from the developers communities.

We’ll keep you posted…..

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  2. yes, rings bells like: console, missions, games… Xbox (360, Natal). Probably server based and you must buy each mission or mission packs along with each aircraft and scenery from the one and only MS Live shop/store á lá Apple App Store, Googles Android store, etc.

    Just that a flight simulator is not a limited application, but it’s nothing that cannot be done, see X-Plane limited Iphone applications. if it makes a buck, it will be done.

    Of course it has almost nothing in common with FS9 and FSX in terms of indepht but it could be good marketing for the real thing after all.

  3. Sorry I write this in german, maybe someone can translate this.

    Ich hab an der Umfrage teilgenommen und habe gemerkt, dass sehr viele Fragen genau darauf abzielten zu ermitteln, ob das “SPIEL” eher actionlastig oder simulatorlastig sein soll.

    Es liegt also an uns, die zukünftige Ausrichtung des “SPIELS” mit der Beantwortung der Umfrage zu steuern.

    Also macht was draus. 😉



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  5. Buschflieger said that he participated in the survey and that a lot of questions were targeted on the idea, if the “GAME” should lean more toward action or more toward simulation.

    Buschflieger comments that it is up to us to influence the future direction of the “GAME” by taking part in the survey.

    Best regards,


  6. Yes, if only we’d have received the survey…… the big question is How Many people, and WHICH people have received it and are replying. The other question of course is ‘what is MS’ going to do with the data?

  7. MS knows that if it directs such a survey to the niche market of flight simmers it will certainly get a well known response that MS knows already (Make this flight sim a technical simulator not a game).

    What MS wants is the global market, the arcade and “action now” typoe of market and public. Yet MSFS never made it to the minds of such gamers…

    I have the feeling they will go into a Live version or a console or both. Less technical yet less pressure on MS shoulders from us, the aviation lovers / FS community 😉


  8. …Not mentioning that with FSX , MS tried to introduce some action in the game through the missions etc with a tentative to hit a wider market but still , FS was a technical simulator where “nothing happens” and “boring” for casual action gamers…

    Tom Clancy’s HAWK might be an inspiration for MS to make a straight forward arcadish version… I am just guessing here…

    In any case, I think MS will get back with something…


  9. It’s pretty obvious by the questions that MS wants to make a “massively multiplayer online flying game”. This is absolutely ridiculous. The market appeal of FS was and continues to be the open nature of it– the ability for the individual to tailor the program to suit his needs and desires. With this set up, we’ll have to log into a “persistant world” that we cannot change to our tastes. Don’t like the low-rez textures? Tough. Don’t like the low-rez mesh? Tough.

    Vatsim will be rendered obsolete in terms of a new flight simulation platform from MS, though I imagine they’ll continue a very healthy existence on FSX and FS9 when this atrocity is made public.

    If this is the direction for flight simulation from MS, then I just might consider X-plane, with the hope that if many other MSFS ex-pats switch over, the sim will stabilize and allow for the same scope and depth of addons FS* currently enjoys.

    I hate sounding like a bitter old coot, but this just makes me madder’n hell. I’d rather MS just leave flight simulation alone if they want to go in this direction.

  10. I know many don’t want to accept this, but MSFS is an extremely niche product. It makes money, yes, but compared to Gears of War 22 on XBox, it makes them a miniscule amount.

    Microsoft are not a niche company. They’re a commercial, shareholder owned, company with a sole function of making as much money as possible. If FS as we know it doesn’t make the money their shareholders and managers think it should, then they have two options: kill it totally, or make it into something that generates more income. We won’t like the result, because we want a niche product. The Xbox kiddies probably won’t like it either, because they want Hawx or Gears of War, not a civilian flight sim.

    However I don’t think XPlane is the answer either – at least not until Mr. Meyer lets go of his attitude and grip, allowing other people to get in and finish the sim off. Right now it’s his personal playground, not a viable sim.

    However, do I think MS will listen to a word “the community” says? I suspect strongly that management only will if they hear what they want, which is that we’ll all rush out and buy a console for the next sim incarnation.

  11. “sole function of making as much money as possible”, as Madoff Chrysler, GM, Lehman Brothers and the like thought… 🙂
    Anyway, “some money” is better than “no money at all”, because I don’t believe a FSXbox or a FSLive! would live much long… simpilots will dive away, and XBox fans will ignore it either “FS? No, not me! I am supposed to grag someone, not to learn how to fly an ILS approach, I left school, don’t want to study more!”
    There are clever companies that keep on investing in niche products just because they shed a better light upon the company.
    They could also up the price, I wouldn’t mind to spend $150-200 for a good flightsim. But I won’t spend even $30 for a stupid, limited one.

  12. that sh*t is giving me the creeps…. :||
    now I realize why aerosoft is investing on an alternate sim platform

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