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x-plane-viewAustin Meyers, the creator of X-Plane, has invented yet another new toy for his customers. He calls it ‘X-plane REMOTE’ and writes  “…… X-Plane REMOTE is a cool little app for you iphone that lets your iphone act as a joystick for x-plane! it also acts as an external cockpit, and a moving map!

With x-plane remote, you can simply establish a wireless connection between your computer and your iphone (if you computer has an airport, you do not even need a LAN! the iphone can connect right to your computer wirelessly via airport!) to use your iphone as a joystick or external panel……”.
“…. This gets pretty interesting, because it lets you run x-plane on a laptop away from the office, and still have a joystick when you are traveling.. . in the form of your iphone! It lets you run x-plane in full-screen-ho-hud mode, perhaps on a huge flat-screen TV for a huge visual… while controlling the sim from your couch by tiling the phone! AND, at the SAME TIME, seeing an external cockpit or moving map on your iphone (or ipodtouch, of course) as well. If you simply want to run x-plane in full-screen mode on your computer, perhaps using a joystick to fly, you can simply use the external-panel option on your phone to have an external instrument panel for navigation, while using the FULL monitor for out-the-window visuals.
OR just use x-plane remote as an external moving map!  if you have an iphone and x-plane, this is just too cool an app to not have.

The app is priced somewhere between the value of used gum-wrappers and old pocket-lint, same as always, so if you have the slightest
inclination to try it out, there is no reason not to! More info here. ….”.

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  1. how i wish the guy would finally get some sense and concentrate on further developing his (underline that) simulator into something similar to a standard. probably asking to much…

  2. well, he obviously smells the money that can be made on iTunes. How man X-Plane versions are there now? He must spend most of his time doing that.
    I think he missed his chance for X-Plane in the months that went by after the Microsoft announcement. Should have done proper marketing and full speed programming.
    Personally, I don’t care. Although I have X-Plane, I rarely fly with it. 99% of my time goes to FSX and its fabulous addons. Like MallorcaX – which is a real gem.

  3. Admin, what’s your definition of “standard”? What’s standard for you might not be the same for someone else. As far as “missing his chance” for the marketing, well, X-Plane has enjoyed converts from MSFX even before MS closed it’s FS doors, and is still getting an influx of people coming over. I used to be a MSFS supporter, but the demo turned me off of it, so I didn’t purchase it. Yeah, the graphics are phenomenal, but if I want slide shows of beautiful places, I’ll download them from the internet. I don’t know, but I’d rather be part of a sim that’s EVOLVING rather than one that believes in a marketing strategy of “let’s make a sim that PC’s 5 years from now will be able to run effectively.” Well, in 5 years from now, I might pick up FSX, who knows. By then it’ll be about 10 bucks or so, so it’ll be a real steal! But the die hard MSFS supporters won’t ever be convinced, and as such, I won’t try to do so. They will forever compare EVERY flight sim on the planet against FS, and no matter what, MSFS will reign superior. There’s nothing wrong with that, most people don’t care for change, and prefer to stay loyal to the things that satisfy them in their comfort zones.

  4. hi chrisvon: a standard as in a base where everyone can reliably build upon without having to fear that the next version’s internals will be changed in a manner that previous work will be doomed.

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