SSM2007 Service Pack Released

websitessm2007patch2Exciting Simulations, the makers of the Spache Shuttle Sim, have released a new free Service Pack for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator. “….. The most notable addition is the new “free floating” mode, which allows the virtual Astronauts to float from the flight deck, down the stairs to the mid-deck and, if the mission warrants it, through the mid-deck hatch and airlock to the Spacelab. This new major addition opens up the future possibility to seamlessly move about the Shuttle and related items and enhance the realism of missions and Shuttle operations. Another notable addition is the new, fully collimated 3D HUD which is now as close to the real thing as possible…..”.
“….. There are also some additional changes such as new and enhanced DAP modes, and the removal of T-00:05:00 and T-00:02:00 “no go” launch phase holds to allow for a better synchronization with the real NASA launches for what the SSM2007 community calls “Synch Launch Events”. During these events SSM2007 users go online, connect via the SSM2007 TeamSpeak servers and perform synchronized pre-launch, launch and ascent phases together with the real NASA Shuttle launches. The nearest “Synch Launch Event” is scheduled for July 11, with the planned NASA STS-127 liftoff.

Exciting Simulations has also released the latest versions of the Quick Start and Commander’s Reference manuals which now cover the latest changes and additions to the Space Shuttle Simulator.

These enhancements and changes are part of the on-going policy of improving and expanding the simulator following the direct feedback from the community.

The Space Shuttle Mission 2007â„¢ is available for online purchase in downloadable format at the SSM2007 official website: The latest Demo can also be downloaded freely at the same website….”.

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