Tongass Fjords X Glory on Video

A quick morning video for your viewing pleasure: Buzz313th (don’t ask me, that is a user name…) has made a video showing the Sitka area in the newly released Tongass X scenery by FSAddon: “Just picked up Tongass Fjords X from FSAddons this morning and took the DodoSim 206B up for a quick flight to check out the new scenery. Decided to record the flight and throw a quick video together to showcase this excellent scenery addon.”  If you know any, please add more TFX video or screenshot links in the comments.

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  1. Nice video, makes me glade we have an FS9 version. I was wondering was this guy going to be able to land the Chopper at the end of the video and sure enough he did in style. FS9’s total Fjords area can’t be beat especially with the community behind it. In another 3 years I’ll dive into this title when FSX with all sliders maxed is smooth as a drum on standard hardware. As of now great video makes me want to run home and fire up some float plane cargo runs in the Misty Fjord’s area a little farther south from this scenery.

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying the FS9 version Dillon, but the ragging on FSX is getting a little tiresome. Right now (not three years from now) I’m running FSX on a mid-range system that’s a year old and getting excellent smooth performance with nearly all sliders on max — especially in unpopulated areas like Tongass. No special magical computer is needed to get good frame rates out of FSX.

  3. I think Dillon is overlooking the fact that the jerkiness of the video has multiple reasons, none of them present in a well running FSX installation 😉

    1. Recorder adds stutters
    2. Download/play via Internet adds stutters
    3. DoDoSim will not be the best platform for fluent motion
    4. Who knows what specs the video maker’s PC is running on

    There will most certainly be instances when FSX runs as seen here, but it is not the ‘norm’ of a well-running FSX installation on a good PC, and therefore the comments would be seen as ‘leading the witness’ in a court case …. LOL !

    Don’t worry, FSX runs fine these days and is starting to beat FS9 hands down with new products like Tongass X out now. 😉

  4. It’s also worth pointing out that tongass X runs better on my mid range computer now than tongass FS9 did on my mid range computer then. and it looks much better.

  5. That’s true for me, too. Not to sound self-serving (too late), but I don’t have the frame rate hits in Tongass X that I had around Sitka and Petersburg with the FS9 version. I think it has to do with a more efficient handling of models and textures as much as anything.

  6. Glade you all are enjoying Tongass X and FSX… See you in three years on that sim… (-;

    Things may be coming around for FSX today but in three years performance will be a none issue with every aspect of FSX no matter what one throws at it. FSX may be the last version in the incarnation we’ve found so enjoyable over the years. For me it makes since to wait, buy ‘one’ outstanding computer for it, and enjoy the sim for as many years as I can get life out of it. From there X-Plane may take the reigns for the distant future (sorry I have no faith in Microsoft and their future plans for the franchise). In the distant future (knowing Microsoft) FSX might not run on the latest OS of the time which is how MS has always pushed people off their older software. That would leave X-Plane as the only supported simulation of the day…

    So my hats off to all developers exploiting FSX to the fullest because this may be ‘it’ especially looking at the younger generation and their resistance to anything that requires the slightest amount of brain power…

  7. Thanks for posting this on my video. I appreciate you all watching. Although, the Video link is a TongassX Tour in Petersburg, not Sitka.

    Here are some more quick vids I made for the Tongass area, please also see my YouTube Channel for some other interesting HiRez Videos.

    TongassX Vids.

    And a quick little demo of a utility with Tongass in the background…..

    Watch all in HD and Full screen..


  8. And in reply to the possibility that you may be getting stutters while watching the video… That is all “Video Chop” caused by stream latency, your video card having a problem with a HiRez video and the biggest factor is that you have to play the video first one time fully, then replay it again without navigating away from the YouTube page. This will allow the video to cache fully onto your hardrive and on the second pass you will watch it much smoother.

    The DodoSim 206 has very high frame rates, it was made that way, and durring the flying and playback for all those video, I was recording at steady frame rates above 24 FPS.. So if your seeing any chop or stutters, it’s on your end.


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