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grayflyerGrayflyer from the UK reports that he has set up a new web site and that “….. The New Grayflyer Members Club is now available. For a small ‘one-off’ fee you can have a life-time membership with access to all the available downloads. Please go to the new look site for more information….”. Unfortunately nowhere to be found is what the ‘small fee’  is, untill you press the Pay Now button….. Not so smart, if we may say so. For those curious after all, we checked and it is 10 British Pounds.

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  2. Hmmm,

    I am not against anyone asking for a spot of pocket money to reimburse them for their efforts. Even 10 pounds will not be enough for fair recompense. I fear, however, that the pirates have by now taken note and all grayflyer’s work will be on one of those “less than savoury” websites very soon, if not already.

    But I do have to agree that “hiding” the price is a bit “not on”. And FS9 only? I am sure we’d like to see some FSX fields too.

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