A New DC-9 In The Works


I read a comment not long ago from a reader who was asking for a DC-9 under FSX….. wel, his wish will come through! It so happens I heard that there will be one on simMarket soon, made by a company operating under the name Sky Simulations, or SkySim for short. You can already take a peek of what’s coming on his website and please keep an eye on the news and on simMarket!


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  1. This add-on is for both FSX and FS9. I’m wondering why this wasn’t mentioned in this article on Simflight. Not all of us are using FSX and it would be appreciated if you guys would report on the benefit of all the FS community not just the one’s using one sim. I (or someone else) would say something if things were the other way around.

    I know I’m venting a bit but I’m seeing more and more of this especially on certain sites. In all fairness Simflight usually reports correctly on what’s happening with both sims but here is an example of where an add-on is blatantly being released for both sims and it’s being reported otherwise (and the question I have is why?).

  2. Let me ‘vent’ back at ya then. 😉

    Dillon, you’re being paranoid I’m afraid. The news item is clearly CATEGORIZED under both FS2004 and FSX (LOOK underneath the heading!), there is a very CLEAR LINK to the author’s own page where all is explained and there is NO conspiracy against ‘your’ precious FS2004 anywhere here !

    The text I used was just a loose remark triggered by a question I had seen a day before typing this, in another forum…. the question was specifically about FSX (we all know there are PLENTY DC-9’s for FS2004 already…. !).

    So, please, chill out (!!) and wait calmly for the release of what looks to be a very nice DC-9.

    Kind regards,

  3. Well, i am not to optimistic about these developers. They made the MD-11 and MD-10 and the support is worse than crap.

  4. Francois there aren’t ‘PLENTY’ of FS2k4 DC-9’s out there. The only other product with a VC is Flight1’s old Iron Knuckles project. Now if you’re talking DC9 series then that’s another thing. I’m not being paranoid but I’m tired of this rush by a few (you not included) to burry FS9 in the dust before it’s time. FSX is the future no doubts there but let’s not rush things prematurely.

    As far as you’re concerned I didn’t know you posted this article (I know you post 90% of the info here, I guess I forgot). You have been very honest and up front on so many levels so I apologize if I offended you in any way.

  5. Not offended, but slightly annoyed. Apologies accepted. I must admit I am not my most patient self when sitting in an office with three PC’s running and 37 C temps… with no airco !

    For your information: you can see underneath the title of each article who writes it, and how you can find it (they are all classified – FS2004, FSX, news, Press Release, etc.).
    We then also add some keywords to further improve search by readers and search engines.

    As for the DC-9’s, I thought there was the Maddog too, and maybe one or two freeware models too? But I admit, I’m not a specialist in the area of airliners.

  6. There are a couple of MD-80s (which are technically DC-9-8x according to the type certificates) available for FS9 – certainly the Leonardo SH and Flight1/Coolsky models are well worth looking at. Whether the new F1/CS MD-80 “Pro” is available for FS9 I can’t comment – I’ve not looked, but I have the older non-glass model and that’s perfectly good (and has a VC. ;))

    I don’t think any of the freeware ones have a VC, but the old Iron Knuckles one I used to really enjoy flying. I’ve always preferred the shorter DC-9 series jets to the stretches.

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