OZX Grumman Goose HD Redux Released

OzxHD_Goose_1Jay Kae from Australia reports that the team over at Aussiex have released their latest freeware project, an ‘overhaul’ of the default Grumman Goose that comes with FSX. Changes include tweaking of the flight model, addition of a higher-powered engine model, repaints of the interior and 6 high-definition paint schemes. You can read all about it, and download it, from their site.

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  1. I had only flown the Goose once before – just proforma to say I had flown her. That was about almost three years ago, I think I installed FSX in September 2006…

    In the last few hours I have already clocked up several more flights… What a difference! And more to the point – everyone with FSX installed can enjoy a wholly new plane – for free!

    Now that is one way to go – and a good one at that.

  2. Hello Mike Jones here From Vancouver BC Canada, Finally somebody fixed that silly Grumman in FSX. You folks did a Great Job.


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