DC-9 From Sky Simulations [Update 2]

[Update2] Product now available, the activation system is good now! make sure you watch the video on simMarket, link below.
[Update] We had to hold sales for this product now, because customers are unable to activate after installation. Apparently the developer has not yet switched or updated their servers for the activation to work. as they are located in South-America we need to wait until for their action upon our emails. sorry for those waiting, we are trying a.s.a.p.


Sky Simulations from Mexico has released its McDonnell Douglas DC-9 on simMarket. According to the product page it comes, among other things, as a “…..state of the art replica of the aircraft, covering entire DC-9 family with seven different models: DC-9: 10, 10F, 21, 30, 33F, 41 and 51. The fully ‘native FSX’ model includes bump and specular mapping and dynamic shine……”. This is an FSX version, it does not mention which SP and whether or not it supports the DX10 preview mode in FSX. Lots more info and pictures, and the option to buy it of course on the simMarket product page here.

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Colin Ware
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 04:43

Shame they didn’t do their research on the elevators and ailerons. The yoke is connected to the trim tabs. The ailerons and the elvators are free – they are controlled by the trim tabs. Maybe even the rudder as well. So when you pull back the yoke on the ground, the elevators definitely do not go up and down…

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 22:03

Their MD11 was actually good considering it was ‘lite’ product unlike the complex offering from PMDG. I used to work for FedEx and the truth of it is SkySimulation’s MD11’s VC dimensions where more accurate than PMDG’s bird. Looking around in SkySimulation’s VC looked more like the real thing that what PMDG gave us. This is surprised me seeing the great work on the 744 and 737NG among others. Now outside of the VC PMDG has the better product without a doubt if one is looking for complexity. For FedEx runs and long haul flights I use Sky Simulation’s offering… Read more »

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 16:20

Anyway, their MD11/10 were pretty poor so I don’t think I will risk my money on this one.

Monday, July 6, 2009 21:34

Er, Simon… Take the shoe out of your mouth and stop trying to eat your feet, please? 🙂

The product was put on hold – removed from sale – until the problem was resolved and tested. At that point it was returned to sale. As the post almost a whole hour before yours stated. Refreshing the page at least once every two hours before posting foaming-at-the-mouth rants is normally a good idea.

Simon Evans
Monday, July 6, 2009 19:43

All meaningless, as long as no one can test the theorising and pedanticism.

Bigger question remains: Why is this product even ON sale when the vendor is aware and cognisant of the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the transaction to be completed?

ANY attempt to earn money this way could easily be misinterpreted as criminal fraud, Product needs to be withdrawn from sale until such time as the developers `activate their server` or whatever other excuse they come up with.