simMarket in Maintenance Mode [Update3]

Just so noone is alarmed, we had to take down one of the two simMarket servers because one of its harddrives showed as ‘degraded’ which means that it is starting to end it’s life…  therefore we were completely offline for a few hours last night and are currently running on only one leg. Everyone should be able to reach simMarket currently but there could be the usual IP propagation and ISP name server cache hick-ups. We will keep you updated.

[Update1] server HD’s lost, moving to new server and host. new server specs: i7-920 Quad-Core, 12MB Ram, 2×1.5TB Hd’s, this one would run FSX without any pain :-).

[Update2] while watching Mr.Jackson’s memorial services we are ‘hick-upping and hopping’ <g> thousands of files to the new server… this is causing the strain and lag that you are now experiencing on the server providing the current simMarket site.

[Update3] finally all files were copied over, notice how long it took: 36 hours.. yep almost 500gb of files. now we can start tweeking the server… one of our favourite pasttimes… i mean it!

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  1. I was concerned for you guys last night! Made me a little nervous that I couldn’t get my Tongass Fjords key. With all the hacks lately, it’s a bit scary. I hope you guys are backing up! Congrats on the fast new server!

  2. No worries Chris, simMarket is not a ‘hobby site’ as are most others. We have backups and a double system (although Murphy is always around the corner of course). We’re fine 😉

  3. Gosh please don’t mention anymore on Michael Jackson not even while installing the Sim market upgrade. The guys been dead two weeks almost and the media on TV is still salacious here in the states about it. And he not buried yet! Its a good time to buy a program and fly any simulator with TV OFF!

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