Tongass Fjords X Major Success


Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing reports that “….. Tongass Fjords X, recently published by, is a rave success in both sales and comments of customers. The first review of it has now been published by at simReviews and you can read all about it here! Meanwhile the dedicated  ‘Support Forum’ is not being used for support much, but seems to become ore of a place for enthusiastic customers talking about their ‘discoveries’ in the huge area of Alaska covered by the product and posting their screenshots on it (the one shown is by ‘Aprimatic’, one of our customers). If you want to help the environment, virtually visiting Tongass Fjords is one way of doing that!….

Tongass Fjords X is available at simMarket of course, and can be bought on CD from FSAddon’s site.

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  1. After flying Misty Fjords this morning for 2 hours floatplane real thing on a totally blue sky I would like to say Tongass X is one of a
    of a scenary addon that I will purchase when I get back home. The design team deservers many KUDO’s for the way it looks. It doesn’t get any better than that when comparing real world with this product.
    Can’t wait for the Misty addon. GREAT JOB to the team for realism.
    I was impressed from what I saw.

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