OZx Grumman Goose HD Redux Updated

OzxHD_Goose_1Jay Kae from Austrlia reports that “….. As there were a few omissions in the original release, Team OZx would like to present to you a couple of things:
1. A new fullsize installer to update the stock Goose that comes with the FSX “Deuxe” version. This file is for new downloaders only. This can be downloaded here.
2. An  update for v1.00 to v1.20 which includes updates for the FME’s, the bump map textures, the sounds and some panels in the HP versions. Find that here…..”.

“……. 3. A bonus pack to add the A2A/Shockwave Lights to the Goose, you must own the original A2A/Shockwave pack for this to work. This can be downloaded here.

As always we do have to stress when installing the Goose by OZx, ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES !

We hope you have a lovely time with our package and we look forward to hearing from you all!….”.

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