Contrails Pro Released [update] reports that it “….. is proud to release Contrails Pro, a module for FSX and FS9 that adds realistic contrails to AI aircraft. Easily installed, it will instantly add detailed contrails behind high-altitude AI aircraft in your Flight Simulator sky. You will no longer need a radar to see big jets cruising above you….”. “….. Contrails Pro comes with its own optimized display engine, which allows displaying contrails in unprecedented detail while keeping high frame rates. Just like in the real world, contrails will slowly dissipate in the air and will glow in red during sunrise or sunset. There are excellent customization options allowing you to specify the contrail length, density, dispersion and a few other settings.
For more information and a free demo version, please visit the product page….”.

[Update] We are proud to say that this product as well as Instant Object Maker by the same developer are now being sold at simMarket > click!

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  1. I’ve been waiting for decent contrails in FS ever since FS2004 first came out. I bought this package earlier this week and I’ve gotta say, I’m not disappointed! It’s a shame that the screenshots don’t do it justice (maybe someone can make a video?) as it’s when you’re flying among them that they look outstanding.

    I just did a flight from KBOS to KSFO (and my routing was luckily nearly great circle, so I had all of the similar AI traffic along for the ride). It was fanstastic!

  2. Pity only that you spent money for something you can have already in the freeware section, there are different downloadable tools and even by just changing .cfg parameters, the contrails look better and stay longer. Taking money for just contrails is… RIDICULOUS. Point.

  3. I purchase this add on, primarily because of the screen shots and likng the idea that contrails could add to the realistic feel of FS. (I did try the freeware mentioned above, but without much result).

    I was right about the look. It realy does add to the overall affect,but at what a price. My framerates went from mid to high 20’s down to 8 to 9 fps. I can only benefit from the affect once I am airborne and have to turn it off again as I make my approach. Can’t recommend this produce.

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