CERA’s Bell Helicopter


CERA have released their FSX (Accel/SP2 only) version of the Bell 412 helicopter. They say about it “….. At the request of our clients, we redesigned our first product, using all our dedication and knowledge acquired through the Flight Simulator 2004. Now we can present our new version of the Bell 412 EP, exclusively for Flight Simulator X….”.

The helicopter is available on simMarket as of today !

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  1. Interesting – I’ve been waiting for a quality Bell 412.
    I would be interested is someone could tell me if it’s DX10 compatible? As Francois I was also “puzzled” by the SP1 claim.

  2. This is an awesome helicopter, everything about it screams quality from the sounds to the visuals (great frame rates) and the flight model (which from my limited RL helicopter flying experience seems realistic). I have never ever had so much fun in FSX. I have bought almost every addon that there is for FSX and this is without doubt the finest helicopter available today. If you like rotary then do not hesitate buy it now.

    ps it is for SP2 and compatible with DX10 although it is stupendous in DX9. Try it with the new ORBX Cessnock scenery for a total treat as to what the full potential of FSX really is.

  3. Why does it say above SP1 only?? when on the simmarket page it clearly states SP2!! – just confused.

  4. Peter, because it VERY CLEARLY stated SP1 on te simMarket page when I wrote this news item !!!!!
    Maybe it was a typo and ‘someone’ changed it behind my back !! 😉 (Lars saw it too!!).

    Since I am on vacation I don’t check what’s happening every 5 minutes now. Will check with Miguel today.

  5. Yeah, It seems like the SP1 was a typo – it even said that on their homepage. ;o)…
    Anyways – thanks guys, I’m off to get this – and make Cessnock an unsafe place to be – hehe…

  6. Well – got it and it works in DX10 as well. Really nice VC and it flies well. The only thing I miss is a better manual, as it’s a complex heli – it took me some time to learn just how to start the engines.
    Anyway – it’s really up there in my top 10, just below the Dodo. 🙂

  7. Yep I have to agree about a better manual since to date I have not gotten it to start. Been trying for some time now but following the checklist in all aspects and when I attempt a start I’l’ set the fuel switches on and norm according the checklist, start the starter, watch till 55%n1 then center the starter switch and 2 secs later she flames out.

    Apart from that the VC, exterior and overall appearance is nothing short of awesome.

  8. I have to agree there Bobbie,
    I don’t know how I got the engines atarted this afternoon – now I’m having the same thing happen to me as you – at 55% N1 the engines flames out. I’ve got the Cbox pressure below 40 PSI – and I’m not sure what that means and how to get it higher…
    Hmm, Hovercontrol – here I come…

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