Flight of the Kiwi by Cliff Tait

cliff-taitIan Thatcher reports about the website on Cliff Tait’s adventure ‘Flight of the Kiwi’. “…… Kiwis are a bird that can’t fly  – – – but in 1969 Cliff Tait showed the world that one Kiwi could fly. Setting out as a one-man mission to publicize New Zealand to the world, Cliff and his New Zealand made plane ended up making history. No one had ever attempted to fly solo around the world in such a tiny one-engine plane before.

Cliffs book “Flight of the Kiwi” recounts every detail of the flight that captured the attention of the whole world. On the human side, it tells of the warm generosity of those that helped Cliff, especially the world-wide brotherhood of radio “hams” operators and of the maddening obstruction of others – – – particularly the Russian officials who denied Cliff permission to land forcing him to break his flight. Above all, this is a stirring story of one mans bravery facing immense odds and winning. Visit Cliffs website here and read his history making book…..”.

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  1. Thankyou Francois for releasing this news item 🙂

    Also I just got an email from Cliff and his is visiting his Daughter in Australia to celebrate the return from his world flight in Miss Jacy (Airtourer 115)on 1st August 1969.


  2. Thanks for the link Francois, that’s a book I’ll certainly buy.

    For anyone that likes this sort of adventure, also check out ‘The Flight of the Mew Gull’.

    # ISBN-10: 1840370211
    # ISBN-13: 978-1840370218

    A superb tale documenting Sir Alex Henshaw’s 1939 solo record breaking flight from London to Cape Town, a record which was only broken earlier this year.

    Henshaw went on to become the chief Spitfire test pilot during the second world war and his book ‘Sigh for a Merlin’ is also a great read.

    # ISBN-10: 0947554831
    # ISBN-13: 978-0947554835

    Right, back to topic!

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