Boeing 787 Dreamliner Still Delayed

Boeing decided recently to re-design the wing of their ‘Dreamliner’. The aircraft is already 2 years behind schedule and with the economic problems currently the potential customers of the aircraft are happy to wait some time longer before deciding to place orders. More details of this and other aviation news can be found on AVWeb.

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  1. This info is not correct. Boeing will not redesign the wing of the 787. During static tests on one of the test articles, they found some premature cracking in the wing-to-body joint.
    Boeing is now looking into possibilities of reinforcing this joint. The design changes will be limited to the joint part that failed during testing.
    Besided there not being any need to redesign an entire wing, it would be an enormous task and would probably mean the end of the 787 project as we know it.

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