Learn The Mad Dog

LTMD_case_artworkFlight Deck Productions have published two interesting products for those wanting to learn to fly the Mad Dog. The first is a pdf file that can be downloaded upon purchase, called LTMD – Study Guide. It goes very well with the other product, a DVD, called Training DVD, which goes into great depth explaining how to operate the MD-80. Both are available from simMarket, and you can also get them as a bundle, saving on the price !

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  1. Hello,

    In the post on your website ‘learn the mad dog’ there is an error.
    It is not about an MD-11 but a MD-80. Can you correct this.

    Kind regards,
    Hans van Oers (a daily reader)

  2. Hi Francois,

    A small typo: wouldn’t that be the MD-80 instead of the MD-11?


  3. Owwww, MD-this, MD-that.. what’s in a name?? 🙂
    Heck, why can’t we just call it a DC-9, as that’s what I still call it 😉

  4. Its a plane or flying tube with two jet engines under and by the tail on the aft section that was manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. Later the company was purchased by Boeing.

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