PT Boats From Auran Announced

PT Boats_screenshots10

Found this bit of news on the Auran website/shop. You know, the guys Down Under that brought us the Trainz simulator franchise after MS started it all. Haven’t tried it ourselves (yet) but it looks like a ‘simulator game’ that might we worthy of having. If we can get more facts about it, we’ll report on it. Meanwhile here is the text from the official product page (click on read more or go directly to Auran here). The pictures posted certainly look promising for us ‘naval types’ and you can pre-order it now.

“…… Join up to the Russian, German or Allied navies and prove your worth out these on the open water. Control every aspect of your boat’s defensive and offensive, from the anti-aircraft guns hobbling your enemy’s air superiority to the torpedo strapped to the sides to sink destroyers of merchant vessels.

Combining advanced strategic and action modes you can plan the intricacies of your attack and then lead your crew from the front and right in the battle. As you advance in rank throughout the long campaign you will gain access to new boats and even warships for you to command. Build up your crew in single player then go online and join your friends manning your own boat and challenge others in a battle to the death.

Key features:

* Innovative combination of sim, strategy and tactical action.
* Control the entire crew or take your place at an individual station.
* DirectX 9 as well as DirectX 10 options.
* Proprietary graphics engine, with advanced physics and post-processing effects……”.

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  1. Looks good – but – not entirely realistic.

    A Royal Navy crew (can’t speak for other navies) at Battle Stations would not be wearing their nice neat No. 3’s complete with bell-bottoms and ceremonial collars. They would instead be wearing a more basic shirt and trousers with, and most importantly, white anti-flash gear covering all exposed skin apart from the face.

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