VFR Germany Part 4 Announced

vfrgermany4_8Aerosoft in Germany announced their Part 4 of VFR Germany to be ready for pre-order and to be published in September. They write about the title “….Since the first version of FS, simpilots dreamed about having large areas covered with high detail aerial images and having all buildings placed in the correct location. Well now we can show you that we got very close to that. Using totally new technology combining several databases this scenery offers the best representation of the terrain possible in FSX. No matter of you fly as low as 1000ft or at FL35!

This scenery series will impress you like no other before: The third part (East) brings you thousands of VFR objects and millions (yes, millions!) of exactly placed buildings placed on 80,000 km² of aerial images!….”.

Check out the amazing images and pre-order already on simMarket today !

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