VATSIM Interview On Sky Blue Radio

skyblueradioRichard Rudd of Sky Blue Radio writes that they are “….. presenting a very special live Flight Sim in Focus show this Saturday August 22nd at 18.00z. Join Jeff ‘JT’ Turner and special guests current President of Vatsim David Klain and former president Richard Jenkins as they explore the future of Flight Simulation and the place of Vatsim in the continuing development of Flight Simulation and aviation in general.

Listeners will also have a chance to put their questions and/or comments to either David or Richard via the Sky Blue Radio website.
If you have a question you would like to send in now for the show then please your question with your name and location to
Tune in with Wee Tune Beestie in your cockpit com2 radio on 123.45, through the Sky Blue Radio website or through the Sky Blue Radio link in the Vroute software…..”.

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