BFG GeForce GTX295 Reviewed

BFG-295GTXHilbert Hagedoorn sent us one of his graphics cards reviews again. “….  BFG have worked their magic again and teamed up with the guys and gals from CoolLIT systems, a company designing sometimes a little awkward yet always interesting cooling products.
As such BFG released two products based on CoolIT’s cooling; here at Guru3D we tested and reviewed the BFG GeForce GTX 295 H2OC (limited edition). ….”.

“….. It is a self-contained easy to install liquid cooling solution pre-installed onto the GeForce GTX 295 filled with coolant and everything; this kit has a 120mm fan, radiator, pump, graphics card cooling block, tubing and reservoir all ready to be inserted into the PC for some tender love and care in your gaming experience. Read the full in-depth review here….”.

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