City Bus Sim 2010 stopping 3Q 2009

‘Hello, you must be Carlos…’ .. and Carlos is you, the bus driver in TML’s upcoming title ‘City Bus Simulator 2010 Vol1: New York’.

Not only do you get a fancy bus to fulfill your duties but also a virtual Manhattan where you can roam around freely as Carlos and without the bus. There is missions and campaigns and also your daily scheduled service (yes you can start it at 4am like any hardcore city bus driver does).

The bus itself is full of simulated technical goodies like ‘kneeling’, animated wipers with simulated rain, wheelchair lift and you can freely move inside it. Interactive schedules keep you busy while the integrated physics engine ensures you drive as if the thing was real!

This attached video gives you a good overview, for all the technical details there is the Bus Sim website where you can also download a demo of the game, however in German only. It’s set for release in the 3rd quarter of 2009 and will come your way via Aerosoft.

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