IRIS Releases F-16 For FSX


IRIS writes about their last product “…..The IRIS Pro Series F-16D Fighting Falcon, designed by Triple Six Design Studio, has been a labor of love for owner, Michael Hägele over the last two years. His attention to detail as well as his superb coding knowledge really makes this new product shine.

Michael’s attention to detail and knowledge of coding has really pushed a number of Flight Simulator boundaries, allowing us to provide functions to an F-16 simulation which previously have not been done, such as a working EPU system, true Fly-By-Wire system and for the first time in Flight Simulator history, a working Continuously Computed Impact Point (CCIP) system for accurate dropping of ordnance within Flight Simulator….”.

Available from the simMarket on-line shop.

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  1. Why would someone buy this F-16 since Aerosoft has had one available for months… and Aerosoft’s offering is a bit cheaper.

  2. Because it is different model – there’s no dual seat in the Aerosoft pack). Because it has different features – including droppable ordinance and a bomb sight to do so, which the Aerosoft model doesn’t? Because users of both are reporting that it has significantly better framerates on low end systems than the Aerosoft model?

    Nothing against Aerosoft’s Falcon package, which I don’t have but it looks very good, but the two are different packages. 🙂

  3. that’s true. Aersoft F-16 is slighty graphically better than Iris’ but Iris f-16 gives far better smooth experience and solid FPS even with all the MFD operating. Besides the dual seat features is a great plus and makes funnier the fly around trips. I have both and believe me I’ll stick to Iris f-16 because of all the reasons I mentioned above and its avionivc seems to be more completed. There are much more cockpit interactions and clickable switches. I’m impressed.

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