Epic LT Dynasty Update to Version 1.7

Epic_Splash_WH_0001-799x534_smallBill Ortis of Lionheart Creations has made an update of his wonderful Epic LT Dynasty package available, free to existing users. “…… The Epic LT / Dynasty package comes in both Flight Simulator FS2004 version, as well as Flight Simulator X. The FSX version is a ‘pure’ FSX model package featuring DDS texture technologies, enabling the virtual pilot to fly in DirectX 10 mode.

The package, (both FS9 and FSX) feature a 2D panel and a number of animations and visibility condition parts, such as luggage and tie-down mode features. The sound package also features a nice ‘turbine’ soundmix in the cabin sound mode, as well as new hydraulics and servo sounds…..”.
“…..The airfile of the Epic LT / Dynasty is quite polished and well tuned, having been given input by the Chief test pilot and VP of sales at Epic Aircraft Corporation, Mr. Peter Stiles. His direction also helped in the tuning of the PT6-67A Turbine output characteristics, such as temperatures, torque values, prop RPM, etc.

The Garmin glass panel system that feature 2 PFD’s and a center MFD full screen GPS, feature a new ‘easy to manage’ feature where one will not require to navigate the system through various menu’s. This enables a new Garmin system user to become aquainted with the system first. Later, the Epic virtual pilot can purchase a more elaborate system from sim groups such as MindStar so that the panel system traning can be more thorough and ‘extreme’…..”

Get your update from your regular simMarket account, or get your complete 1.7 new version from simMarket here.

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  1. Great to see that Bill is releasing updates for slightly older releases. This is, and will remain one of my absolute favorites from Bill, and to see this updated with further fidelity is awasome.

    Keep up the great work Lionheart!

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