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  1. HI guys, I don’t believe this falls under the category of news, but i noticed you are announcing the finalists in addons etc. I feel you missed one little gem amongst the more big name products. It’s called Thunder over Vegas, I bought it two days ago, and it has stolen many hours of sleep from me. Basically you are the newest member of those amazing pilots the “BLUE ANGELS”. You actually learn how to do the aerial stunts first, then you perform an actual show, all of this for 9.99 (I know…i couldn’t believe it either, for an extra 4 dollars, you get a very detailed ugrade of las vegas over which you fly your shows. There is a new stunt designer, so you can desing one stunt or an entire shows worth! I am not sure if i should add links to anything on here, so i will just say use yahoo or google, type in Thunder over Vegas, and see for yourself, I think it is one of the most inexpensive new sims available that gives you way more value than the cost. Oh almost forgot, the training portion actually has a set of boxes you fly through, iwth a ribbon that shows how far and which direction to roll your aircraft, or as you improve you can decrease the flight aids as much as you want right down to zero aids. There is at least an entire shows worth of stunts, and as a bonus, it also has a combat training, combat, and online combat mode to boot. You can also perform an airshow with your friends. So to make a tremendously long email longer… LOL You don’t need any other flight simulator, this is a self contained program, excellent graphics, very quick learning curve, customizable joystick/keyboard assignments, and just tons of fun. (Come on be honest, who didn’t dream of flying one of those gorgeous blue fighter planes with a Blue Angel logo on the side???) well now you can.
    i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

  2. P.S. zman again, I just busted out my copy of AirHauler for FSX, I’ll give you my opinion as soon as i have one LOL.
    have a great day and don’t get caught with your flaps down!

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