Glide away with Aerosoft: Discus Glider X

bannerMysterious Mathijs Kok starts off his today press release with this words: “Aerosoft is obviously back from vacation. We had four releases in the last 10 days and we got three more scheduled for next week. Most of them solid internal developments that will go well without customers. “….. we wonder….
Let him carry on describing the making of the new product: ” For today I like to introduce Discus Glider X, the very first high end glider add-on for FSX. We approached this project like we do with the largest of projects and wanted very high end results. We scheduled 6 months and ended up with a massive 21 months project. Did we underestimate it? Ahum, yes we did. But the results speak for themselves. We did not even bother to write manuals for the gliders and the main instruments. As we done the whole project together with the companies who make the real thing(s) we just included the real manuals. This is seriously high end in every aspect.”

The Aerosoft Discus Glider X is available from your local dealer simMarket and  there is more details and more screenshots after the jump.

Aerosoft releases Discus Glider X
Aerosoft today released what they call the first high end glider add-on for FS. Discus Glider X covers three standard class gliders made by Schempp-Hirth. There is a pure glider, a glider with a small ‘get home’ engine and one with a slightly larger engine that allows it to take-off under its own power. Designed for competition the gliders come with advanced instrumentation including a C4 Flight Computer. And it’s all done to such a level of detail they include the actual real manuals for the gliders and the main instruments. The list of features is long and impressive, from over 100 additional (non standard) sounds for all kinds of events to dozens of special animations. When you see the images you see they did not skimp on polygons designing these aircraft either. Good to see gliders getting the attention they lacked. Gliders have evolved into very serious aircraft while we were all looking at Cessna’s and Boeings. We thought they did little more than glide silently from A to B but the Discus is capable of performance that makes most GA aircraft weak in the knees!


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  1. After many months on the Beta (and annoying the developers something chronic, like) I am glad to see this out of the door… you’ll love it! If it got any more real, there’d be some severe injuries 🙂 This is an addon for glider pros, pundits and beginners. Right, I’m off for a spin (yes, it does – and slips too!)

    OK, so I am biased… so don’t listen to me, try it yourselves 😉

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