Happy Weekend: PMDG’s BAe Jetstream 4100 released!

Yes, after the usual dozen previews, teasing period and long wait PMDG has just released the BAe Jetstream 4100: “The Jetstream 41 turboprop regional airliner, manufactured by BAE Systems, is a major development of the Jetstream 31/32 regional airliner family, which entered service in 1982. The Jetstream 31 and the Jetstream 32EP (enhanced performance) are 19-seat turboprop airliners. The stretched Jetstream 41 development was announced in 1989, the first flight took place in 1991 and the aircraft entered service in 1992. The goal was to compete directly with 30-seat aircraft like the Embraer Brasilia, Dornier 328 and Saab 340.”

Product features are extensive as to be expected, read all about it at their dedicated page.

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  2. This PMDG stuff sure brings a big smile on my face. It is ooooozing with quality. But the one thing that would really make me go flightsim bonkers, is… the release of the nextgen 737.

    The BAe project is wonderfull and all… just wondering why PMDG has not given priority to the upcoming 737, the masterpiece they started with. The original 737 for FS9 is probably the best add-on I have ever purchased. Here is hoping for a quick release for the new 737 X…

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