Your Help required…. Got a Pop-up? let us know here & now

As many may have noticed,  simFlight suffered from a pretty hefty bot attack during the last week, making the site practically unusable.

The bot has injected some code into many files, when the file is used/called the code hence triggers the pop-up window with advertisement that many of you were seeing.

Now we have managed to ban the source and most of the injected code… but we have learned to never say never, therefore are asking you to tell us, should you see another pop-up the exact location, e.g the http.// you received it from.

Please just send it as a comment to this message… many thanks for your corporation.



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  2. I got a party poker pop up when I clicked the link in the right side bar for the DBS yak 40 panel

  3. okidoki… there is one thing that needs to be out of the way: caches! your browser caches our pages (even bits of it) over time and it needs a few days to regenerate (unless you go ahead and delete it).

    i have not seen a popup in 2 days and the server is stable. i have not been able to reproduce the above reports.

    i have done several checks on all server files.. i could not find any malicious code anymore, however i will not lay my hand on fire for that yet.. time will show.

    let’s continue to watch & observe 🙂

  4. Damn,I had a Party Poker full screen pop up again just now (and no, no cache issue)…. Unfortunately I was clicking on a number of things n the page, so have no idea where it was hiding.

  5. Yup, full screen Party freakin Poker using the link to this page from the article on the news home page! Seems the same as Bill @ 08.56, above – and Bert @ 08.28!!

  6. Just got one opening a forum thread off the frontpage in a new window (right click, open in new tab – Firefox) to delete the spam post in the forum.

  7. And a new one.
    Clicking on the simmarket link. Seems like the core portal software code software is infected as the links are affected at random. (Stating the obvious, I know 😉 )

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