More Promises…..

TTC-a320_topWhile we’re at the subject of Airbus models, Things-To-Come also promises us an Airbus. This one is even more remote than the Airsimmer product apparently.  We clicked on the ‘Screenshots’ and found …. none. Knowing their previous products this ‘could’ be an interesting addition to the hobby, should it materialize. And something else than a jetpack or lunar module, too…. check them out here.

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  1. I think this product is far more ready than they will show. Isn´t this the same guys who previewd a A320 a couple of years ago with a filmclip with a couple of rasta guys flying the plane?

    Wouldn´t be surprised at all if they release before Airsimmers.

  2. There is probably more chance of this and Airsimmer’s release before Reality XP’s one 😉

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