FScene starts free “Beagle” FSX mission series

fsc-beagle-240x234Are you an FSX pilot? Do you like to fly missions? We’ve got some news for you. During 2009 and 2010 FScene is publishing a new series of free Flight Simulator X Missions, in cooperation with a team of old FS boys. Ruud Faber, Jaap van Hees, Chip Barber and Francois Dumas are all ‘veterans’ of the international flight simulation ‘scene’ and have put their spare time, enthusiasm and talents together to come up with this new “Beagle” series. The missions are all Inspired by a recently started 35-part Radio/TV series of VPRO, a Dutch Radio/TV station, to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birth year and the 150th anniversary of his publication of “On the Origin of Species”. They follow the greater part of Charles Darwin’s journey on the HMS “Beagle” (1831-1836). To visit the special FScene mission page, click here.
Packed with Scientists, writers and artists the clipper “Stad Amsterdam” has left Plymouth on the first of September 2009 for this 8 months’ journey around the world. Join their adventure, and lend a hand! Supplied by air they need new instruments, medicines and food. As aircraft captain you are responsible for resupply. You’ll fly many different aircraft. Over many different seas. Have a look at the intro video on the FScene YouTube channel. The first missions are already waiting for you. Because the FScene replacement ground textures pleasantly enhance the landscapes in these missions, you can take advantage of related special FScene offers during the whole periode of the Beagle mission project.



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  1. Hi, I just wanted to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in the making of the “beagle” project. I just flew stage one, and I have to say, between the graphics, the challenge, the outstanding voiceover, (not to mention the humor) I really enjoyed myself. I tip my hat off to everyone who makes “freeware” missions and I don’t know what I would do without all of you who take the time and effort to share your talent and passion with the rest of us. I am making an example of this particular project because it is in the headlines, and again it is excellent, but for all of you who read this who have ever created and shared a free mission, I want to thank every single one of you. I may not have had the fortune to try your particular offering yet, but I bet I will find most of em eventually LOL. I look forward to the rest of this excellent and informative series. I will make sure I don’t miss a thing. I just hope you don’t miss my hearfelt thanks. Okay i gotta go, flight 2 is calling my name even though I should be going to bed, I have to know what happens next!!!!! LOL.
    Sincerly and with best wishes to all,
    Doug Zabizewski

  2. Downloaded and installed this… but during the first mission there’s nothing going on… no-one else in the cockpit it seems… no mission pointers… I do see billboards at the airfields, though…
    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mission. Didn’t help. I’ve installed both the Exe and the MSI file. And added FScene Touring to the scenery. What could be wrong?

  3. Well i am no computer expert by any means, so i am probably not the best source for help on this one, but the only thing i noticed that you used that i haven’t is adding the fscene touring scenery.
    Perhaps you could try to redownload it, and retry the exe. Soemtimes you can get a corrupt file, (not a virus) just a file that for some reason doesn’t have all the info. Try that and see what happens. I hope you get it to work because it sure would be worth the effort of another download and to uninstal and reinstall again.
    Doug Zabizewski
    I would not bother with the fscene touring part, the program ran great for me and I didn’t use any extra’s. I believe that everything needed to run the graphics is already in the exe file.
    Doug Zabizewski.

  4. Okay, i just checked the site again, (hoping for mission 3 maybe LOL) and did not notice any support per se. Hoewever there is a Fscene PDF file in the lower right corner that may be of some assistance. Good luck my friend, I hope everyone who enjoys missions gives this a try, I hate that you are having trouble, but I believe that if you get it working you will feel it was worth all of the effort.
    Best of luck to you
    Doug Zabizewski

  5. Doug, we – the old boys – thank you for these nice words.
    On the 2400 visitors of the website in 3 days you are the only one
    who reacted.
    It’s my sad experience that comments on FREE software for 99% are negative. Only those who do NOT like the stuff tend to react.

    Oddly, and i speak from long experience, on PAYWARE, the positive reactions come in very very regularly.

    Anyway it was refreshing to read your comments. Next mission is situated in Rio.

    ruud faber

  6. Thanks, Doug and Francois! Will try redownloading first. It’s a package that seems to be very interesting.

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