Day: October 18, 2009

Next Mesh France From FranceVFR

FranceVFR has launched a new mesh product, based on data from InterMap Technologies: “….. NEXTMesh France FSX covers the entire French area with a 4.75 meters

LiveDispatch 4 Opened

Efrain Ruiz has opened LiveDispatch 4 for simmers and writes “….. After almost 2 years of testing and having racked up over 8,700 virtual hours, I

FS2Crew’s Audio Module

FS2Crew, a developer of flight crew simulations, “…. is now licensing its new audio engine module and SDK, FS Audio Extreme,  to other Flight Simulator

OZx 3.0 Release

OZx is “…… proud to announce OZx 3.0, the latest standalone version of our Australian scenery project. It introduces over 20 new fields and heliports,

PMDG Releases BAe JS4100 SP1

PMDG releases this service update which was designed primarily to deal with some critical operating issues that appeared on some hardware/operating system setups. As normal,

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