LiveDispatch 4 Opened

ld-logoEfrain Ruiz has opened LiveDispatch 4 for simmers and writes “….. After almost 2 years of testing and having racked up over 8,700 virtual hours, I am pleased to announce that LiveDISPATCH 4 is open to the flight sim community! LiveDISPATCH 4 provides dispatching services for all flights flown by the 3 major airline alliances: OneWorld , StarAlliance and SkyTeam and many more!

LiveDISPATCH 4 interfaces with your Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X and enhances your flight simming experience in a whole new way. You are free to fly any aircraft, to any destination, with any airline you wish from over the 305 airlines we serve. LiveDISPATCH is NOT a VA. We simply provide the means for you to fly your favorite flights and keep a logbook online…..”.

“……. Among the many features of LiveDISPATCH 4, here are some of the things you can expect:

° Real-time ACARS feed with an extensive set of parameters
° Integrated fuel calculator and fuel loader
° Fetch weather for departure, arrival and alternate airports
° Integrated Screenshot utility
° Complete set of d-TPP charts (Jeppesen Digital Terminal Published Procedures)
° Ability to submit an extremely detailed PIREP (Pilot Report) of your flight
° Integrated chat system, allowing you to communicate in real-time with fellow LD4 pilots
° Personal Logbook
° and much more.

Feel free to browse our web site and see for yourself what we have to offer. Once you join LiveDISPATCH’s active pilot roster, you may access our Crew Lounge and begin interacting with fellow LiveDISPATCH users. If you take your flight simulation hobby seriously while at the same time have fun and a good time, we welcome your interest.
Visit us here…..”.

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