OZx 3.0 Release

OZx is “…… proud to announce OZx 3.0, the latest standalone version of our Australian scenery project. It introduces over 20 new fields and heliports, 13 water starts and ½ a dozen new VFR sceneries to the Aussie landscape to make a total of more than 300 OZx sceneries and airfields, not counting drillrigs and wheat silos. Add this to Ant’s 30+ Freeware fields and ORBX’s 8 Freeware and 9 Payware fields and you’ll always have somewhere to explore. Let OZx take you further into your journey of discovery of our ancient land represented by the stunning ORBX FTX payware textures…..”
“…. From the lush greens of Eastern Australia with tiny aerodromes like Old Bar and Coorooman Creek; through the fiery red outback with airfields that service the many mines such as Barrow Island and Shay Gap. Adventure into deserted strips like Taroom and Wandoan – seldom used except by the likes of the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s iconic King Airs and PC12s.
Then continue your sojourn over the gold of the great western wheat belts with silos dotting the landscape from Esperance to Perth – rest at Collie, Katanning, Narrogin and others. Then let your wings soar over the azure of the Indian Ocean and the great North West Shelf searching for Legendre, Griffin Venture or some of the other huge oil rigs that harvest this black gold from deep beneath the ocean floor.
You will find the Australian landscape coming to life beneath you with mines like Broken Hill and Moura, Wolfe Creek Crater, huge salt pans and mighty wheat storage depots and terminals. Locate Kingfisher, Snapper, Cobia and many more lonley oil rigs toughing it out in Bass Strait where the frigid winds of the Antarctic scream their tortuous way northward. Watch these same winds blast Woolnorth windfarm on the north western coast of Tasmania with a freezing fury. Turn north again to fly at a more leisurely pace as you search for the numerous farm strips around the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
So join us in the greatest FSX freeware project ever. Travel again through this vast land and experience the beauty and remote majesty of our harsh continent of extremes….”.

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