Amazon Research Facility

freedom_BDYet another fantasy place compiled by Freedom Simulations, the Amazon Research Facility. Looks like something a good drugs cartel would use, to be honest, but alright, there are chopper landings fields for ya. The developer writes “…. This package features 8+ Chopper landing areas, a Chopper Re-Supply Base, a Research Facility which is very detailed and has lights for night time, a secret landing pad, and a whole lot of places to explore on the Facility, many different operations and flights can be conducted if you use your imagination, it is a good place to fly with friends, it’s fun and exciting in various weather conditions using VFR and is a challenge for experienced pilots to land at some of the LZ’s, it also takes a while to fly from the base to the facility so bring a snack on the way and watch out for birds when you arrive at the base and facility….”.

If these things are your ‘thing’ then by all means go and get it here at simMarket.

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