DBS Yak-40

DBS-YAK40Now here’s a novel way of building add-on aircraft. First you publish the panel, and then a few weeks later you pop up with the accompanying aircraft ! At least, that’s what DBS seems to be doing. They now published a Yah-40, together with Simlandmarks, designed for FSX. and yes, it comes WITH a panel installed. Available here from simMarket.

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  2. Standalone DBS Yak-40 panel (vs. DBS Yak-40 aircraft for FSX) dedicated to work together with our previously released traffic Yak-40 AI (for FS2004 and for FSX). User ask about using Yak-40 as user-controlled aircraft – and we create panel.

    Yak-40 aircraft for FSX have only FSX version of panel (standalone panel have both version in one package – FS2004 and FSX. And standalone panel have tool for attach panel to any 3-engine jet aircraft (with some limitation) – as sample for freeware DBS Yak-40 AI aircraft for FS004) and present updated model (removed some traffic features and added some other features like lighting and autentic flightmodel).

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