767-300 From Captain Sim

CS_a767_3To be honest, I never really get a grasp on WHAT exactly you get when buying a CS pack. The entire plane? The cockpit? The interior? Various models? I find their descriptions often somewhat cryptic, and adding multiple ‘expansion packs’ doesn’t make things any clearer.
So then what do I do? I ask for a review model, try it, and then tell you about it. Alas, no time this time, so you’ll have to figure this one out on your own.
From the description I’d say you get a pretty decent and complete outside model, WITH VC, and WITH interior and 2D panels, even including a working FMS! Oh yes, and 14 different liveries, of which I chose to show the KLM one of course. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

Available here at simMarket!

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  2. Well it’s a good job I asked for a review copy then, isn’t it. 😉

    To simplify matters, the base package (with VC and sounds) is the B767-300 and the single add-on expansion pack at the moment is for the B767-200. Further expansion packs are planned, but not available yet.

  3. Why, as a European customer, should I buy from you, when I can buy direct from Captain Sim and NOT be charged an extra 7.60 euros?

  4. paul: because of two main reasons (and in layman’s words):

    1. legally when buying outside of the EU as a EU resident, you must declare your purchase at your nearest customs office and pay the respective VAT, which maybe be higher then in Germany, where simMarket is located. if you don’t you are acting illegally.

    2. because morally you should support EU businesses just because of the unfairness put on them by the EU itself. It is not simMarket’s choice to charge the extra VAT, it’s the law.

    in short: by purchasing outside of the EU you are not supporting local businesses and breaking the law.

  5. Why don’t you put your servers in Luxembourg? Everybody could save another 4% and be legal!

  6. It doesn’t matter where the servers are – it’s where the registered office of the company is that counts. It’s not actually that easy to set up a company in a country that you don’t live in or have very close ties with, for the most part, either.

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