Corsica Is Huge !


You may not think of this little French island in the Mediterranean as being a huge place, but the way France Touristique Scenery has implemented it in FSX, it IS: all 7,5 Gb of data of it! So we’d recommend to order this thing on CD instead of download, unless you have a good broadband connection. Corsica comes in full HD, based upon IGN aerial photos and mesh data, and it even has a few bits of scenery added. Available from simMarket now.

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  1. My opinion from 0 to 10 I don’t give more than 4. Yes, only 4. For a FSX scenery the airports LFKB, LFKC and LFKT are a farce. For the price of this scenery, we expect much much more. Disguise the real quality using -Lighthouse and semaphore of Alistro, Bastia Harbor, Transmitter of Serra di Pigno, Lighthouse and Genoise tower of Giraglia, Semaphore of Cap Corse, of Sagro, of Rousse island, of Cavallo, Wind farm of Punta Aja, Wind farm of Cap Corse, Ship “La Calypso”, etc. is grotesque. I would like to see improvements on aerodromes and airports throught a patch as soon as possible.
    Best regards,
    C. Pimentel

  2. It is not question of a detailed scenery of airports, but of a scenery photorealist in 50 cm pixel + reference mark VFR and 3D objets. Personally I find the flight experience extraordinary super fluid and very immersive. It is also brilliant to be posed on Calypso. In more the runway of LFKT and LFKC are inclined as in truth, me I note 9.5/10

  3. Laurant Waché the author of the project announced to all costumers the intention to reduce the price in 10€ and return this amount to all who already bought Corsica part I.

    He just reveal a great sense of professionalism and nobility of character deserving all our respect.

    I note 10/10 for his attitude!!!

  4. Hi,

    Wouah, hunge scenery for a so beautiful island!!!!!
    Have a look on the valleys: small rivers, small roads with moving cars. Night textures on the cities, mountains on 50cm/pixel: splendid: Each three is visible on the texture!
    Only one regret: when will I be able to purchase the second part?
    Best regards.

    My verdict: 9/10 for this perfect stuff


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