DC-2 Uiver Flight During FSWeekend 2009

180px-DC2_Replica_of_The_UiverMike Horsten of the KLM-VA (Virtual airline of the KLM on IVAO), will be hosting a 48 hour flight from London to Melbourne re-tracking the 1934 RACE with a 737 and the DC2. Now we don’t usually do ‘news’ on Virtual Airlines on our news pages (we have a forum for that), but the KLM, DC-2’s and 3’s and Dutch FSWeekend are close to my heart, so there…..

“….. The MacRobertson Trophy Air Race took place October, 1934 as part of the Melbourne Centenary celebrations. The idea of the race was devised by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and a prize fund of $75,000 was put up by Sir Macpherson Robertson, a wealthy Australian confectionery manufacturer, on the conditions that the race be named after his MacRobertson confectionery company, and that it be organized to be as safe as possible……”.
“…. We will be flying it in the footsteps of the original DC-2 the Uiver and we will be flying it with a KLM-Retro livery 737-800 from the show floor. As a special attraction the last leg will be flown in the DC2 Uiver.

We can be followed live via the special website and we will have chat and webcam services . Further more we will be visible online.
As the whole flight is live on internet Ivao flightsim users can join us in the arrivals of the different cities.
Flightimmers that want to refly this event at home are invited to check out the events pages on

We will be flying this trip live at the FSweekend 2009  Lelystad Show in Holland. The Aviodrome Aviation Museum will be hosting this biggest Flightsim event again….”.

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