MyTraffic X Professional V5.2b


Burkhard Renk today published Version 5.2b of his famous MyTraffic X product on “…. MyTraffic X is THE product to add realistic AI traffic to your FSX installation, filling the skies with air traffic around you, made up of high-quality AI models made specifically for FSX.
The latest version adds new models yet again, 19 of them this time and specifically made from scratch for FSX. The largest of these is the B772F, the smallest a new Cessna 150! Also included are a lot of new military models, notably the Typhoon, Tornado and Transall for Europe and the US Navy has been equipped with some shiny new models too. Check out Male, after installing.
Also new is the new Mega Airport VTRS, Bangkok. And last but not least the flight scheduling has received yet another big boost…..”.

Of course MyTraffic X Professional is available on simMarket now (click on Read more… below for more news).
“…. Owners of Version 5.2a will be able to download the upgrade for free of course. Since there were some problems with the previous upgrade process, Burkhard has now decided to provide a complete remove/rebuild of MyTraffic X, resulting in an 800Mb file set. The Communicator program will decide which files a user needs, and help in downloading only those files.

As you maybe have read in the Support Forum some time ago, MyTrafficX 5.2b will be called MyTrafficX Professional in future. This is to distinguish it from two other MyTraffic products, MyTraffic 2010, published by Aerosoft, and MyTrafficX Lite that is currently in test and will be published in a later stage…..”.

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  1. Since when does “armée de l’air” take a final “e” in the word “air”? The plane in the foreground is meant to be a French plane, no? The French air force may not be the largest today but historically it does have a great tradition. You would think these guys could run a simple spell check, no? They are charging money for it after all.

  2. I tried to figure out what the plane could be in the foreground.

    My conclusion: maybe a Transall πŸ˜€

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