Finally, An Airbus !


Many people have been waiting for this a LOOOOONG time…. a detailed Airbus with actual working systems! Dreamfleet in the US was working on one, and so was AirSimmer in Russia. Seems like AirSimmer has won! Pity it is only for FS2004 so far, but  an FSX version has been promised. Alexander Demetiev from our simFlight Russia team writes “….. AirSimmer A320 Family is a complete, ultra-realistic and immersive simulation of an Airbus A320 Family of aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The A320 Family comes in two editions: Basic and Advanced…..”.

“…… The Basic Edition is perfect for Flight Simulation enthusiasts who are just introducing themselves to flying the A320 and want to learn the basics without the pressure of having to read extensive documentation. It is also perfect for those who enjoy top-quality visual models, immersive sound environment, and the ease of flight that the A320’s Fly-By-Wire technology offers.
The Advanced Edition is geared towards seasoned flight simmers and hard-core Airbus fans who want a simulation that will challenge their knowledge of both Standard and Emergency Flows, Systems, and airmanship. The table below allows you to see which edition is perfect for you.
Whichever one you choose, there is no compromise in regards to the fidelity of  simulated systems and features.

AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is coming soon. You can find the comparison list here…..”.

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  1. Francois,
    you might want to mention that those “many people” will have to continue to wait for a loooong time…
    This “Basic” edition is missing two of the three elements representing the essentials of a FBW Airbus: No Lower ECAM and no Managed Modes on the FMGS.

    But it’s amazing how they manage to call even that a breakthrough in their press release…

    Skip that basic version and wait for the advanced one…


  2. The ‘Basic’ version is on the level of many hardcore simulations like the Feelthere Airbus Vol 1 series. Pound for pound everything in the Feelthere add-on function wise (avionics, MDCU, TCAS, etc) is in the Basic version of the AS A320. Being that this is a newer add-on the VC/cabin is outstanding both in looks and functionality and beats out all the competition including PMDG’s latest stuff. The CTD issue for many can be resolved by the simmer loading up the default Cessna first and then shutting everything down including the master switch. From there load up the AS A320 and go from there. The Airsimmer A320 doesn’t have a need for FSUIPC yet most all other add-ons for FS9 do so a conflict has arisen with some other add-on causing CTD’s on some simmer’s machines. If you load up the default Cessna first before a flight and then the AS A320 like I stated above there’s usually no problem…

    There’s an upgrade issue that needs to get resolved and I agree the Advanced version is the one to get but to ‘poo poo’ the Basic version as a ‘lite’ add-on is misleading. The Basic version holds it’s own to some of the latest hardcore add-ons in our community. It’s when you start getting in the realm of Leonardo’s MD80 that the Advanced version comes more in line with that level of simulation. Products like Ariane’s 737NG, the Airsimmer A320 runs circles around add-ons of that caliber…

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