Ground Environment X Europe Released

gexeurope7Jeff Smith reports that Flight One Software “….. is proud to present the latest Ground Environment X version: Ground Environment X Europe for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to FSX, and it boasts an incredible 1 m/pixel texture resolution, using native 1024×1024 pixel images, and includes all seasons, meticulously designed night textures, and the latest techniques in autogen placement and alignment. All this while keeping maximum Flight Simulator performance in mind during development…..”.

“…. This product represents our new approach in texture design. The 1-meter texture resolution format delivers a hi-fidelity image without using excessive disk space or processor power. Our design allows a simulation pilot to enjoy clearly defined visuals from nearly the ground level up to higher altitudes.

The easy-to-use interface will provide for easy installing the new textures, and is designed with Flight1’s “keep-it-simple yet powerful” philosophy.

Ground Environment X Europe Features:
° Complete coverage of Europe which extends from the Arctic circle through southern Greece.
° Enhanced textures to assist in rendering clear visuals as low as 250-500ft in many places.
° 1m/pixel – 1024 x 1024 Textures — No excessive resolution to render or to fill hard drive.
° High volume autogen layout designed to work in tandem with autogen slider position.
° Structured texture layout to assist in covering most landclass products.
° All seasons including incredible snowy winters and mountain terrain.
° Special features/upgrades for Ultimate Terrain X Europe users.
° 2D enhancements produce simulated 3D depth in textures.
° Textures derived from licensed Arial and Satellite imagery.
° FSX tree render issue addressed in autogen annotation.
° Upgrade for USA-Canada users, no switching required.
° FSX road night lighting upgraded (Default and UTX).
° Realistic custom designed night textures.
° Highly detailed aerial views.
° Natural seasonal blending….”.

More info on the Flight1 web site.

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