Lotussim L-39 V1.3 now available

This update corrects a few remaining minor issues, improves performance for all models, includes 5 models with Reality XP GNS430 GPS integration in the VC, and adds some new paint schemes and small features. To obtain this latest version please log into your account at the vendor you purchased the L-39 from, most likely simMarket. Simply re-download your installation package. You can use the original registration key number you were provided with at the time of purchase with the new installer. The installer you download may not appear any different at first but it has been confirmed updated at both vendors. The actual .exe file you receive in the zip will say V1.3 in the filename, and in the installation program window. The installer size is 204 MB and requires 650 MB disc space.


Note that V1.3 is a complete installation, not a patch. Please uninstall your previous version of the L-39 entirely before installing the new one. If you have repaints installed please make sure to back them up and their aircraft.cfg entries. After installing v1.3 you can copy and paste those entries back into the new aircraft.cfg files. Please do not replace the aircraft.cfg files with ones you had previously, items have changed in the new versions.

Below are the changes and improvements since version 1.2…


– Slovak AF roundels repositioned on wings of Biele Albatrosy model (pylons were stuck over them by mistake)

– Fixed a looping problem in the engine sound at full thrust

– Fixed a small bug in the AI traffic sounds; engines were not audible from other L-39s at idle in multiplayer when positioned behind them

– Minor specular map fixes

– Default GPS range buttons were backwards from Garmin standard

Improvements / Additions:

– Rain effects completely redone on all models to improve performance. They are now more speed sensitive and more adaptive to changing light conditions, and consume far less system resources. They generally look a lot more realistic, being more subtle in some cases and more noticeable in others. Rebuilding them resulted in a performance improvement of approximately 10% in the VC.

– Canopy scratch effects slightly altered to improve performance.

– LODs (levels of detail) added to all external models, increasing the distance L-39s can be seen in multiplayer from 1.2 to approx 3.6 NM.

– Increased resolution of external model landing light bulbs geometry.

– Minor external model performance improvements.

– Clarity of default GPS night illumination improved

– Reality XP GNS 430 integrated into the VC on 5 new models:

Czech AF dual cockpit
N39ED dual cockpit
C-GOZA dual cockpit LR
Vjazma Rus dual cockpit w/ IFR hood

Note: These models do not replace any of the originals, they are additional variants. Also you must already own the Reality XP GPS to use them, it is not included! These extra models will work without it, you’ll just have a blank GPS display in the VC. They are indicated by a blue “RXP” logo in the aircraft selection screen icons. Also note that the RXP models do work in shared cockpit (provided both parties have the GNS430 installed) but the GPS is not designed for this, so it will not synchronize between systems in this mode. If you own or plan to purchase the RXP GNS430 please do not use the RXP setup tool to apply the GPS to the new models, they already set up and ready to go and doing this may damage their panel configurations.

Please also note that WAAS approaches are not enabled, the GPS will not drive the HSI. The original default FSX gps is still available in these models as a 2D popup.

– Landing gear warning sound added. This will activate if you deploy full flaps with the landing gear retracted. Raising flaps to half or lowering the gear will silence it. No more belly landings… unless they’re intentional of course.

– Texture fallback paths simplified and paints duplicated where neccessary. They were becoming a real problem with multiple versions accessing the same paints. The install will now be a bit larger, around 650mb after extraction, but easier to deal with in the long term.

– Three new paint schemes/models added:

Former East German Air Force #187 (clean w/IFR hood) and #156 (long range)
Czech Air Force CLV (Pardubice) clean
Czech Air Force Namest Sqdrn w/rocket pods & IFR hood

– Manual updated to reflect changes.

If you do not own the Reality XP GNS430 and are interested in purchasing it to use with the new models, information can be found here:


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