FSAddon Releases FenceBuilder Pro


Francois from FSAddon Publishing reports “……. Yup, we’ve finished it and FenceBuilder Pro for FSX and FS2004 is now available on simMarket and will also be on our own site on Saturday! FenceBuilder Pro will let you place fences, walls, lamp posts and basically anything that can be placed in a repetitive line. It takes objects and effects for that purpose too, if you like, as well as specific segments of fencing or walls! It can place ANY object, any sound and any effect anywhere, as well! Now you can build a fence around your property or favorite airstrip, build a wall around your house, or lay a pipeline all through Alaska ! Your fantasy (and availability of segments, objects and effects) is the limit!…”. Available here at simMarket now !

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  1. There’s not much to show on a video, unless you like watching a window with someone typing in numbers and clicking on menus…. that’s what you need to do to build a fence (and position your aircraft somewhere in FSX and move it to the next point).

    Check out the Quick Start Guide freely available on simMarket. That will give you the idea of how it works.

    What things look like after you use it, depends on YOU ! 🙂

  2. SHP is a vector format that’s used in GIS programs (and some FS dev tools) for creating things like coastlines, roads, lakes, etc.

    Imagine if you could, for instance, import a road and have fencebuilder automatically populate it with streetlights. That’d be pretty swift.

  3. I’ve never considered .shp compatibility for FenceBuilder, but I’ll explore the possibilities.

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